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Perga-Plastic has been a pioneer in the hygiene industry for many years. In addition to the special benefits of our allfolin® brand, we pay particular attention to hygiene standards in the production department, making sure that they are strictly adhered to and consistently implemented.

  • Legal requirements exceeded
    through BRC certification.

  • Ventilation ducts with
    special fly screens.

  • Advanced and powerful
    ventilation system.

  • Working area kept
    clean by airlocks.

  • Stringent working conditions in accordance with paragraphs 42 and 43 of the Infection Prevention Act.

  • Staff training on
    hygiene regulations.

BRC certification
On 26 May 2008, we were proud to receive our certificate. At that time, there was not yet an officially recognised ISO standard for hygiene in food packaging. We therefore chose to adopt the British standard as issued by the British Retail Consortium/Institute of Packaging. The aim of this standard is to prevent contamination damage to food caused by packaging materials. In the manufacture of packaging materials, it is therefore essential that the stipulations of the standard are maintained with regard to organisation, hygiene, environmental conditions, buildings and quality systems. The production of mono and coextruded film, and packaging made from PE-HD, PE-LD and other polyethylenes complies with the high hygiene requirements of the food processing industry.



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