For particularly exacting food
and non-food applications

Flat polyethylene film with low thickness and width tolerances, good flatness and excellent sealing properties delivers the high quality you require of your compound material. These properties naturally ensure good machinability and high cycle rates.

  • Triplex compounds

    Outstanding sealing properties.

  • Compound materials

    Good adhesion due to
    Corona pre-treatment.

  • Paper sacks

    Sturdy with moisture barrier.

  • Duplex paper

    Grease resistance and barrier.

  • Aluminium compound materials

    Strength and high rigidity.

Development and modification
Individual adaptations are no problem.

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience, our ability to innovate and our continual product development. The efforts we make to meet aspirations of our customers lead us to new formulations and product features.


Laminated polyethylene film
A sealing medium for the most diverse applications.

Our laminated film is developed in line with the requirements of the application, modified several times if necessary, and inserted. Its good sealing properties offer high product reliability. The film can be transparent, white, or in other colours as required.