Highly versatile

We produce a range of films for labels, maps, tags, etc. using special PE formulations. 


  • Labels

    Made from special PE formulations.

  • Bottle labels

    Transparent, translucent,
    white or in colour.

  • Labels, tags and bands

    Highly versatile.

  • Calendars and maps

    Quality PE products,
    printed and ready for use.

Especially good for printing
Print your products according to your exact requirements.

Perga supplies the ideal raw material. By selecting suitable materials and further refining them, we achieve outstanding results using traditional printing processes, such as offset, flexographic and gravure. Additional coatings can prepare the surfaces for further innovative printing processes.

Highest sustainability
Sustainability for us goes without saying.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high grade film products, sustainable production is a key area of responsibility for Perga-Plastic. All of our products are therefore 100% recyclable and can be easily re-processed in order to obtain new granulate for film manufacture. more